Q: I would like you to shoot my wedding, how do I start the process?

A: Reach us via our contact form along with your wedding date and venue, if secured. We prefer communicating by email as we can give you more details that way but we’d be happy to communicate by phone too. If possible, we would like to meet you both in person so you can get to know your future photographers and can ask us everything you need. Once you’ve decided to choose us as your photographers, we will send a contract for you to sign and return with a deposit. After that, you can check “find a photographer” off your wedding to-do list.

Q: Do you offer cinematography?

Yes, please visit our cinema page to see more of our films

Q: What does a wedding session cost?

Please contact us for a full rate sheet and details. You’ll find that we like to keep things simple. If you are eloping, doing something very simple, or only need us for a few hours, shoot us an email and we can find something that will work for everyone.

Q: How much do I need to deposit?

A: We require a 40% of your wedding package initial deposit and the rest of the fee to be paid before the wedding day.

Q:What is your photography style?
We are fine art wedding photographers and we are fully involved in turning each photo into a piece of art. Our style is also combined with wedding photojournalism, or documentary photography – Capturing things as they unfold with no interference by the photographer while focusing on collecting images that tell a story.

When working with the couple, the wedding party and family formals, the emphasis shifts to more of an casual portrait approach – Placing subject(s) in a beautiful environment with the direction to be natural, or act in a manner than inspires or connects them with subtle direction from the photographer.

Q: How far should we book in advance?

A: Typically 12 months in advance, as soon as you have a date and venue.

Q: Do you travel?

A: We love to travel and will generally arrive at least the day before the event to help ensure that unexpected travel delays do not make us late or miss your big day. Let us know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to get us out to you

Q: Do you shoot film or digital?

A: We shoot both, for film we use Contax 645 medium format cameras and for digital we use Canon  cameras.

Q: Do you shoot in RAW?

A: Yes. RAW allows us to get the best quality and image detail when we are processing the photos.

Q: Do you edit photos? What is the difference between editing and retouching?

A: We shoot all digitals in raw so all our photos will be edited. This means we color correct, adjust exposure, tones, vibrance etc. Retouching, is adding or taking away something from the image that didn’t exist. For example, taking a blemish away, softening the skin, enhance eyes,  thinning out arms or legs, adding a plant to cover up a trash can. Those are all things that are much more labor intensive and should be done to the images that you care about most, such as in a wedding album

Q: Do you shoot in B&W?

A: We love B&W photographs. There is something so timeless about them. Since shoot digital, this allows us to decide after the fact whether we want to process the image in B&W or Color. However, we generally shoot the image with a color preference in mind based on what we are seeing.

Q: Is your wedding package flexible?

A: Yes. Our goal is to help you find a wedding package that fits your needs and budget. Please contact us if you have questions about our wedding photography packages/services or don’t see what you’re looking for.

Q: How many photographs will we receive?

A: Generally 75-100 photographs per/hour of coverage.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: We use Canon  digital bodies, Canon professional speedlights and Canon L-series lenses. We also photograph with film and we use Contax645 medium format camera. We process all of our photographs on current Macintosh computers using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and other professional photography software. We use a color-managed workflow for highly accurate color. We invest regularly to stay current on camera equipment, computer equipment/software and education to insure you receive very high quality photographs..

Q: When will I get to see my wedding photos?

A: Your photos will generally be ready within 6-8 weeks following the wedding. We go through a careful process of choosing the best images from the day and processing each of them with individual attention.

Q: Will we meet again before the Wedding?

About one month before your wedding day, we will contact you to schedule a planning meeting. At the meeting we will discuss, plan and outline a photography schedule and locations for your wedding day, which you can pass along to your wedding coordinator and family members. At the conclusion of this meeting, your photography-related responsibilities are complete and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Do you offer albums?

A: Yes. We offer custom-designed 8×12, 10×10, 12 x 12, 10×14 albums. We also offer a la carte items. Learn more about our Albums here.

Q: Who chooses the photographs in the album?

A: You will choose your favorite photos and we will create a design which you can review before we send to print.

Q: Where should I order prints?

Your online gallery-we  highly recommend that you order prints through this very professional photo lab. We are color calibrated with them and we can guarantee the pictures will look the same as on your screen.


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