Kestrel Park Santa Ynez Engagement Session, Sharon and James

From Sharon :

“Our story started in November of 2014, though the beginnings of our friendship started long before. James and I grew up together, with our parents being best friends and college roommates. Never in a million years would we have thought our friendship would turn into anything more. Our families were both much involved in our home church. It’s so funny to look back at old videos at church events and spot little James somewhere in the background. I just smile and think, “Who knew?”

Towards the end of James’ college schooling at Berkeley, we both attended a church retreat where I was one of the singers in the worship band. Long story short, James left that retreat with a big crush on the worship leader, me. He came home that Thanksgiving and asked if he could talk to me after church. I thought nothing of it, and was so encouraged to hear him share his heart about all God had been doing in his life. Little did I know he had one more thing on his mind. I was completely shocked when he told me had a crush on me that day. James Sudarsono, the cute, smart Asian guy that I had grown up with in church told me he had a crush on me. I was flattered and in disbelief.

Well, that was the start to our relationship. We went through two years of long distance while James finished studying at Berkeley, and then ministry school in Baltimore, Maryland. It wasn’t easy starting a relationship through long distance, but looking back, all the FaceTime calls, letters written, and packages sent… it’s a time we’ll always cherish.

At my favorite beach in April 2017, James asked me the question I had long been awaiting. He surprised me with a wonderful celebration with family and friends, a night we’ll always remember. It’s a beautiful thing to look back, celebrate our story and see how far we’ve come. And it’s crazy to think this is all only the beginning.”

Her dress: Gossamer | His attire: BAR III suitHair: BeNYLAShoes: Steve MaddenRing: Swan Jewelry Indonesia

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